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ComE BACk to和BE BACk to有什么区别吗

come 是行为动词,表示动作,be动词是连系动词,表示状态。其意思一样,返回到...

您好, 两者的却别就是后面有没to的宾语的问题 he wiil not come back(不加宾语) he he wiil not come back to the city(to后面加宾语) 您好,地点名词用come back to 地点副词用come back,有there、here等 如he will come back here。

from是从哪里回来,侧重于描述起点. to是回到哪里去,侧重于描述终点

go 去,come回来,方向不同而已

come to life 英[kʌm tu: laif] 美[kʌm tu laɪf] [词典] 苏醒过来; 表现生动; 变得活跃; 振作起来; [例句]The drowned man can not come to life. 淹死的人不能复活了。 come back to life 英[kʌm bæk tu: laif] 美[k&...

come to life苏醒过来;恢复知觉;变得活跃;振作起来;活灵活现;表现生动;惟妙惟肖出现。 例句:I love to watch everything coming to life again in the spring.我爱看万物在春天复苏.The city comes to life at night.夜晚,这座城市又恢复...

go back to 回到某某地方 ,和说话的地方不是一个地方 come back to 回来到某某地方这里, 和说话的地方是一个地方

resume work是继续开始上班,与come back to working意思一样的。例如: Please be informed that our office will be closed on Monday due to Holidays in Kazakhstan. We will resume work on 4 December, 2012.

Fire Fly When I said go I never meant away You ought to know the freaky games we play could you forgive and learn how to forget hear me as I'm calling out your name Firefly come back to me make the night as bright as day I'll b...

come back home是对的 come back to my home不对。home在此是副词。前面用to。 我是英语教师,不明可再问。


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